Thursday, 15 August 2013


The next step under the headline " Wild Knitting" is lace knitting. I wanted to try if it is possible to knit lace without counting stitches and following charts or written instructions. This is the result

Der naechste Schritt zum Thema "Wild Knitting" ist Lochmusterstricken. Ich wollte ausprobieren, ob es nicht moeglich ist, Lochmuster zu stricken, ohne sich an Musterzeichnungen und Diagramme zu halten und fortwaehrend Maschen zu zaehlen. Das kam dabei heraus

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Carol said...

That is outrageously beautiful - no counting stitches indeed. How on earth do you control the repeat sequences? I've got cones of very fine white wool, far too much for me. Can't I give you some so you can create your own dyed yarn, or are you going to tell me you spun and dyed that yarn?