Wednesday, 11 July 2012


The pattern for this Moebius wrap is from Dorothea's book "Exploring the Lily-of-the-valley pattern" about Edith Heller whom she met in South Africa! Edith Heller knitted numerous pieces in this pattern which originated in Estonia.

 The above version in three shades of a merino/silk blend.

The wrap below knitted by Ute in a cashmere/silk blend to be worn by Ute's daughter Tanja on her wedding day.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Last month during a trip to Germany my friend Ute and I went to the north of the country to the area around Hamburg and the small town of Geesthacht where we visited Dorothea Fischer. Dorothea lives in a lovely house which greets you with colours: Wherever you look you find large baskets with yarns  in all colours of the rainbow and clouds of silk scarves in any possible shade from dark to pastel. 

Even the pot plants flower in pinks and purples.

The yarns - silk/cashmere/merino/alpaca and mixtures of these - are all hand dyed with plants.
Dorothea teaches plant dyeing and Ute and I hope to be able to participate in one of Dorothea's classes next year. 

I purchased the pattern for the poppy flower shawl and hope I will be able to start knitting it soon.

Go to Dorothea's website to see her yarns and the interesting knitting patterns she has for sale. 

here is the link: