Monday, 26 December 2011


these beautiful felted and embroidered slippers came to us as a christmas present from Kazakstan. the russian word for slippers is "tapochki". don't they just make you think of "Aladin" or "Little Muck", flying carpets and magic lamps?

they are obviously made entirely by hand. several layers of different colours of felt are sewn together and embroidered. the soles are leather.

perhaps this inspires the felters among us to try a similar design.

i hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas holiday.


T. said...

These are on my to make one day list. I like that the instructions come with a template:

Carol said...

The slippers are really gorgeous Linda and you are right, they do conjure up eastern magic. They also make one’s fingers itch. It will be fun to create our own slippers using the slip on design as a basis.

Carol said...

Thanks for the link T, the Martha Stewart site is interesting but I’m not sure I would use that template. I would remove the back and create turned up toes though, otherwise it looses the pixie charm of the traditional Kazakstan tapochki shown by Linda.