Saturday, 16 July 2011

circular cardigan

inspired by dana biddle's book i knitted a circular cardigan using lots of different left over sock yarns using double threads. the finished jacket weighs 850g so one can imagine that the idea to use scraps didn't really work; somewhere in the middle of the jacket one has to head for the wool shop and get more yarn.

however, i had a lot of fun knitting this; as you change colours often it never gets boring.

i'm sure i'll try this again with different yarns.


Carol said...

Wow Linda! Your cardigan is stunning. You must look spectacular in it.
Wonderful multi coloured circles. When you say it goes beyond scraps was it difficult to find yarns that were easy to blend in with the colours already knitted up. I can't see much detail, but it looks like there are lots of textures as well. Pat McNeill also used Dana's book as inspiration and knitted a beautiful warm winter collar. I must find myself a copy of Dana's book, lots of ideas and inspiration.

Jean said...

What an inspiring cardigan Linda - it definitely has that "wow' factor. Well done!