Tuesday, 17 May 2011


my friend erika joined me in wilderness under the milkwood tree for a week of felting. erika brought some samples of the decorative felted balls she wanted to show me how to do.

on monday we brought all the materials and tools we needed outside
 to the deck to take advantage
of the beautiful weather.


monday afternoon we had accomplished quite a lot and decided to take a break on tuesday and visit Plettenberg Bay and the Tenikwa Cheetah Sanctuary.

on the way we visited a pottery gallery and that is where inspiration struck. i decided i was going to try and make felted fishes with the balls as basic form.

wednesday saw as back hard at work and when two of my friends came to visit and meet erika we already had a few pieces we could show them.

and this is what we had produced by friday:

and now, may i introduce family fish:

son 'spike' who is currently in a punk phase to the dismay of father 'harry' who has a bit of a weight problem and most of the time is in a bad mood. mum 'agatha' is very sweet and keeps trying to keep the peace in the family. daughter 'lucy' is mainly concerned with her appearance.

sadly erika had to leave for joburg on saturday morning. who knows what else we would have come up with if only she could have stayed longer!


Carol said...

An average dysfunctional family! They are delightful Linda.

Jingle Bob jim Me said...

Isn't the delight of working the roving such a freeing experience? There are no hard and fast rules and the colors intertwine with each other to produce rewarding products that make me feel as if I can!

Linda, I hope this reaches you from jimmie in Texas!